Month 1: Norooz Challenge (3/9 - 4/2)

Month 1: Norooz Challenge (3/9 - 4/2)

3 steps

1. Find an Iranian friend.

2. Broadcasting LIVE together, learn "Happy New Year" in Persian.

3. Tag 3 friends to repeat.

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Join the first ever LIVE viral initiative on social media. Broadcasting live together, we put our similarities above our differences.

Month 1: Norooz Challenge (3/9-4/2)

The entire month of March is a season of celebration for Iranians, centered around the Persian New Year. Pair up with an Iranian friend to celebrate. 

Go LIVE together on Facebook and learn to say "Happy New Year" in Persian: Norooz mobarak or Norooz pirooz. Challenge and tag 3 friends to do it next. Use the hashtag #LiveTogether. See detailed instructions below.

Watch an example (2 min) >>

On March 20, Norooz (“new day") symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings. It marks the end of winter and start of spring. 

Future Challenges

Future challenges will celebrate Passover, Cinco de Mayo, LGBT Pride, etc, with a different twist each time to keep it fresh.

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How to do the Norooz Challenge

Go LIVE with an Iranian friend, say "Happy New Year" in Persian, and challenge 3 others.

Who do I go LIVE with?

Any friend: ideally one who will help spread the word. One of you should be Iranian, the other not. Whichever has more Facebook friends, use that account to go LIVE. 

What if I have no Iranian friends nearby?

Perhaps you have one in a distant city? If so, use this free service, like a video conference. Alternatively, if you have two devices, use one to go LIVE, and use the other to video-call your friend. (If you have no Iranian friends anywhere, just pick a good friend and do your best!)

How do I go LIVE on Facebook?

It's easy! Follow the two screenshots below. Before you start, you'll need text to describe your LIVE video. 

Sample text: Happy Iranian New Year! I'm taking the #LiveTogether Norooz Challenge with my friend ____. Please pass it on. You're next: ___, ___, and ___.

Can I post elsewhere besides Facebook?

After you go Live, you can copy the link for your video and share it. Or, from a desktop computer, download the video and post it on other social media.

Alternatively, if you don't use Facebook at all, record a video and post it on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat.

Sample tweet: Happy Iranian New Year! I did the #LiveTogether Norooz Challenge w/ @___. Please do it too. @__, @___, @__.

What do we say in our video?

Keep it fun and personal! Introduce each other, say a few words about Norooz, and teach each other how to say, “Norooz mobarak” (or “Norooz pirooz").

Then name three other friends and challenge them to follow suit. Watch an example (2 min) >>

About #LiveTogether

Put our similarities above our differences.

The #LiveTogether campaign was started by Ali Partovi, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and investor, to promote tolerance by engaging people in an uplifting and fun narrative. Many friends helped conceive and execute it, and new help is always welcome.